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Manifesto of American Sovereignty

Whereas the United States of America is under relentless attack by foreign invaders who neither obey our laws nor honor our institutions; and

Whereas this foreign force now numbers up to 20 to 30 million people within the geographic boundaries of the United States; and

Whereas these invaders are bankrupting the United States by overwhelming our medical, educational, and judicial systems; and

Whereas these foreigners enter our country primarily via our border with Mexico; and

Whereas the invaders are responsible for huge numbers of crimes including rape, prostitution, drug dealing, kidnapping, child molestation, and murder; and

Whereas the illegal aliens bring with them deadly diseases such as tuberculosis, leprosy, and typhoid; and

Whereas the invaders from Mexico are stealing jobs from American workers while we suffer from an unemployment rate hovering at 10 percent; and

Whereas the foreigners sneaking into the United States have no plans to assimilate and become Americans, but instead desire to see the southwestern states transformed into Spanish-speaking provinces of Mexico; and

Whereas members of radical Islamic terror groups (classified by US Border Patrol as “OTMs or Other Than Mexicans”) continue to execute a plan of infiltration of the United States mainland through incursions along the border with Mexico, for the purpose of establishing terror cells and training operations within our homeland; and

Whereas without a secure border we cannot protect our national sovereignty, liberties, and rights;

Therefore, let it be resolved that we, the people of the United States, citizens by birth or naturalization, do hereby DEMAND that the Congress of the United States immediately secure our border with Mexico, enforce current laws by arresting and deporting all criminal illegal aliens, and block all attempts to pass any type of amnesty legislation.  We need all our elected officials to be statesmen, not mere politicians, and to honor their oath of office to defend our great nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  Time is running short . . . today is the day for action.  Will you stand with the American people, or will you be weighed in the balance of patriotism and found wanting?  Our survival as a sovereign constitutional republic rests upon your actions -- we the sovereign people of the United States DEMAND that you fulfill your oath to the Constitution, and do your duty to protect and defend America.

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